After reading manuals on CSS, Javascript, HTML, XML, Java, website design, and so on ad infinitum
 here I am publishing the draft copy from a template (hence the unknown person's face in the corner)

But Wellwrought is not about that

About the Author

I am a song lyricist and poet who thinks that these skills have other avenues than the obscure pub band and forgotten party band: what if there are others who want to augment their own musical efforts with succinct phrases that elevate the song? 
But there's no way I would ask other versifiers to lend their talents to such enterprise and so it is that I offer my own model. You can see samples at links on this site.

 Think of the other applications: a snappy line to catch attention in the boardroom presentation, a speech that deviates from that of the normal wedding party bosh. There are many such occasions with no ready scribe to help. That's where Wellwrought comes in.

Art and commerce can be equally catered to by Wellwrought.

Over time I want this website to also be a showcase for other artists who have a range of complementary skills, and partners who can see this work to fruition.

Also, you can see samples of my work. Sure, it's copyrighted to fuck, but you can get a good idea of what I can do with a title or a scrap 

Let's face it, I have a large catalogue embracing all styles; if anyone wants me to perform any or they want to cover one, normal attributes and royalties to apply. I separate this from the veritable job-for-hire (and if you want dialogue for a musical I'll certainly take a look)

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